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What We Do


Frame Repair

We have two Car-O-Liner frame machines with Cartronic Computerized measuring.  A before-and-after data sheet is printed for every vehicle placed on the frame machine insuring correct frame repairs.  

Damaged frames are restored to the EXACT specifications set by the manufacturer. 

You can easily see what needs to be adjusted and whether proper adjustments have been made.   Each red dot below indicates a problem area with precise details on the variance.  Each green dot shows whether that problem area has been corrected to proper specifications.



Damage repair

  • All major and minor collision repair work

  • Professional dent removal

  • Partial and complete refinishing

  • Computerized professional paint-matching system

  • Bumper repair

  • Plastic and urethane repair

  • Windshield and glass replacement

  • Computerized estimating for quicker and more accurate quotes

  • Digital imaging for faster and more efficient communication with insurance companies


Our expert technicians apply Spies Hecker products in one of three state of the art paint booths. The right equipment, the right product and years of experience produce results that will exceed your expectations.   

Color matching is a mounting challenge because the variety of car colors in the market is steadily growing. There are more than 60,000 colors around today, with some 1,000 added each year, from the automobile and commercial vehicle industry.

One of the daily tasks of a painter is to quickly determine the accurate color for the car refinishing job. The Spies Hekcer Color Index contains all current car colors including variants. Modern digital tools like the the ColorDialog spectro, on screen color display and formula search all speed up the process.


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